This time of year, we all mentally fill out our New Year’s resolution lists.

  • Less sweets, more gym.
  • Less spending, more saving.
  • Less settling, more adventures.

You get the idea.

But what about our hair resolutions? Don’t neglect your locks this year. Instead, resolve to protect, treat and care for them. Here’s how:

Step 1. Wash your hair sparingly, but with excellent-quality shampoo.

Step 2. Condition. Always, always, always. Even if you don’t shampoo your hair that day, make sure you throw in some conditioner.

Step 3. Stop brushing. Okay, don’t stop brushing—just don’t brush as often. Brushing pulls hairs from the follicles, creates split-ends and creates irritation.

Step 4. Let hair dry naturally. If you must use a hair dryer, use a heat-protecting product.

Step 5. Trim your hair regularly. Stick to the 6 to 8 week rule-of-thumb to keep your tresses tamed and healthy.

Step 6. Eat healthy! If you’ve added nutrition to your New Year’s resolution list anyway, you’re halfway there! Getting the right proteins will help your hair be stronger and shinier.

What other resolutions did you make this year?