First name: Kyli

Hometown: Horsesheads, NY

Hobbies: Traveling, Road trips, Painting, Off-roading, Roller-skating, Bonfires, Anything thrilling!

Hair School: Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology 

When I started at Hudson E Hudson: August 2017

Passion for hair: At a young age I realized I had an interest in hair, As I got older I realized I would look at peoples hair and think to myself “What could I do to make it better?” Or “How can I make her feel beautiful?” Throughout high school, I always did updos on my friends for formals and dances, and fell in love with it. I tried going different paths but I just knew in my heart I wanted to be a hairstylist, so the day I graduated high school I made the decision, I was going that week to look for schools and here I am doing what I love at an awesome salon.

Favorite vaca spot: My favorite vacation spot is the mountains, preferably Gatlinburg, TN. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been. The nature and scenery is just amazing. I want to travel the whole entire world, but my number one place would be the Grand Canyon. I want to hike through the Grand Canyon, find the hidden waterslide and hot springs, and just see what all else it has to offer.

Fav Bumble and Bumble product: Dryspun Thickening Hairspray is my favorite Bumble and Bumble product because of the instant volume and texture it gives without feeling heavy or creating lots of build-up.

Something interesting that people may not know: I married my middle school sweetheart.

Best thing about working at Hudson E Hudson: The environment is awesome! We have the best team ever. We are offered so much education, and can be creative.

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